Doula Colleagues

Your calm, profound nature and your warmth is the perfect blend for a doula; you will make a difference to a lot of women.

I love your discretion, tact and sensitivity.

Words to describe Justine include: wise, receptive, passionate, serene, grounded, knowledgeable, calm, inspiring, reassuring, strong, discrete.



Justine has a very calm manner which is useful at hectic or stressful times. In practical matters, she has always been well prepared, well organised and punctual. Because she is diligent, she inspires diligence in others, without imposing any sense of obligation. She clearly takes responsibility for her work and is committed to everything she does. I often marvel at her ability to retain information from one conversation and use it relevantly in a future conversation, showing she has really listened, given thought to what has been said and cares about the other person. She is always empathetic and asks helpful questions, gives appropriate challenges and provides sympathy. People value her time and input into things that are concerning them. I trust her to handle everything we might discuss with discretion and to use privileged information judiciously. She is loyal to her friends, colleagues and the organisations with which she is connected. Justine is very good at managing her time without letting anything or anyone down. She fulfils her commitments in a way that measure up to the high standards she sets herself.



Justine has been brilliant to work with. I have had trouble with sleep and anxiety for a while, yet I have noticed a positive difference in both of these areas since our hypnotherapy sessions began.


I am now equipped with relaxation tools to use and Justine has guided me through the entire process. She has been flexible to meet when it best suited me and has been such a good listener. I feel she knows what will help me and is interested in how to support me.


I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending hypnotherapy to family and friends as I have certainly benefited from it.



My hypnotherapy sessions with Justine were relaxing and informative. We discussed neuroscience research as well as how different parts of the brain can control our moods and behaviour in a variety of situations.


The hypnotherapy made me feel calm and grounded so I would recommend this to anyone who wants time to relax and feel more positive about themselves.



When Justine approached me for Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy, my first instinct was that she is someone I feel safe with and can trust. Justine led a guided visualisation and I was astounded by the vivid memories it provoked. In subsequent sessions, I found I could relax deeply without falling asleep.


Part way through our weekly sessions, Covid restrictions and lockdowns meant that we started using Zoom calls to continue the face to face and deeply personal work. Justine is completely trustworthy and the whole experience has been pleasant and relaxing. 


During a time of social isolation with naturally occurring negative thoughts, this has been particularly useful.



Justine has a wide range of skills in complementary therapy which she is able to blend together in order to meet the needs of her clients. She is a warm, compassionate and caring individual. Justine spends time getting to know her clients and how she can best help them.


Whilst working with Justine, I felt valued and listened to at all times, whilst being able to discuss my circumstances in an open, trusting and confidential manner.


I found Justine to be supportive, helpful yet non-judgmental at any stage.



Justine has a natural talent for being a therapist. She emits a sense of calm and from the moment you meet her she puts you at ease. She has an amazing ability to remember facts about you and your family which she is able to use during the sessions to personalise the service. She is kind and empathetic.


Justine is very flexible in her approach tailoring her sessions to your specific needs and is very reliable. She was able to provide me with the confidence to trust her completely and that allowed me to make the most of our time together.


She is totally professional and discrete and I would definitely recommend her to anyone thinking of using a therapist.



Thank you very much for all of your help, patience and time over the last few months. I found our sessions to be interesting, insightful and extremely helpful.


More than anything, I feel equipped with techniques I can use for relaxation and to aid sleep.



Thank you - you’re working wonders with me. I do so appreciate it.  You’re helping me so much to reassess myself and learn to live with my new life - I’d never have thought it through on your terms alone - I’m learning to lift myself out and look at it from the outside - and it makes such great sense.


Your beautiful voice felt luxurious and lulled me off to total relaxation and then easily to sleep.



Justine gives you control and puts you in charge of experiences and traumas you may have had. She allows you to re-run them from your sub-conscious to your conscious as you determine and decide how to play them out again, and how you would have liked to have ideally had those experiences to begin with.


You complete the treatment able to continue practicing the ‘technique’ of managing and controlling your narrative.


I can easily recommend Justine to help you in a very deep way.



I would not have considered meditation or visualisation techniques, but Justine was able to reassure me, and her calmness and empathy were key in my decision to engage in the process and commit to it. Together we looked at two different areas in my life where I wanted to effect some change.


Justine helped me to identify what impact external factors might have on my thinking. She then encouraged me to make use of my existing strengths and resources, and to bring them into my planning. We solidified this in the form of thoughts, actions and behaviours and reflected on the science that supports the techniques that she uses. The hypnotherapy component was relaxing and easy to access and I have found it useful, not just in specific problem solving, but also as a tool to reset my day.



Your voice is so lovely Justine and it was a delight to listen to throughout. I really enjoyed the detailed and guided meditation and the way you led it.



It has been such a positive experience working with Justine and experiencing the benefits of hypnotherapy. I have tried talking therapies which I found difficult to engage with and following a period of ill health I was in need of some solution focused help.


Hypnotherapy with Justine was brilliant in helping me to reconnect with myself and cope with my anxiety. Justine listened well and was caring, compassionate and totally trustworthy.


I would highly recommend trying hypnotherapy with Justine.



I came to Justine to quit my social smoking habit which I have been doing for the last 10 years. I always seemed to pick up a cigarette after a couple of alcoholic drinks and wanted to 'knock it on the head.'


Justine was fantastic, explaining about my brain and how I could gain back control of my habit. The trance was fantastic and I can now say at the age of 26 I am a non-smoker.


I highly recommend Justine and solution focused hypnotherapy to quit smoking once and for all.



I completed the recent course with Justine around the Neuroscience of anxiety and solution focused hypnotherapy. I found Justine’s approach extremely professional yet warm and very open and our weekly sessions were extremely helpful. I have learnt strategies which are easy to implement into my very busy life and I have also learnt how to step away from the primitive brain back into the intellectual mind quite quickly.


Over the weeks I have noticed how I have grown in confidence and how my knowledge gained on the course has made anxious episodes become much more manageable. Justine helped me to look from the outside at areas of my life which could be made easier and helped me to see that I could implement changes quite easily.


I have greatly appreciated everything I have learnt and I whole heatedly recommend giving this course a try to help you to reduce stress and anxiety in your life and replace it with positivity and self confidence.



Before my sessions with Justine if someone had asked me how I was I would have instantly said I was fine as a reflex, but these sessions gave me the space to explore how I really am. By having weekly sessions where you are able to reflect on the week past and even scaling from 1-10 on many categories Justine is able to track your journey, and tailor the wonders of hypnotherapy into personal change and growth.


Justine’s fascinating information about neuroscience made the complexities of the tumultuous emotions of life understandable. When I do something which is maybe not the best for me now, I have learnt to stop and think if it’s the healthiest option. In doing so moving my thoughts into the intellectual side of my brain.


Our sessions came through the toughest part of my life feeling isolated and apprehensive of all the future held, I now feel better equipped to know what I want, need and deserve from life and how to achieve that, aided by what Justine has taught me.


These sessions were a lifeline and I’m so thankful for how caring, kind and thoughtful Justine has been, and in the end I have made a friend who guided and strengthened me.



Turning to Justine for support and hypnotherapy was of huge benefit to me and slowly I have been able to reassess myself and learn to live comfortably with my new lifestyle. I would never have looked at my situation through the many new windows which Justine offered me and along with the hypnotherapy sessions my new life style is slowly emerging.


I’m learning to lift myself out of my existing situations and see them as others do, from the outside and that makes such great sense. I am slowly accepting that at all the desperate times I have always done the best that I could with the resources available at the time and this has helped soften the guilt and emotions associated with the situation.


Justine is a delightful, calm, discrete, compassionate, “common sensible” and professional lady. We share a sharp sense of fun and humour - whilst Justine is also remarkably gifted at remembering exactly what I said and when - so useful when we look back at where we started! Her soft beautifully modulated voice facilitates total relaxation easily for me.


I am deeply grateful to Justine for her empathy, support and total encouragement and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is desperately struggling with their situation - she is a true life changer. 


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